Welcome to Africa—an energetic, entrepreneurial, exciting and emerging continent, filled with challenges and possibilities. 

Many women here have to work extraordinarily hard to make ends meet and provide for their families, but their courageous joy and creativity shines through even the most unlikely places.

Africa by Design Safaris is a bespoke travel company based in Nairobi, Kenya, born from a vision to foster collaboration between African and North American women leaders. The groups we host provide educational scholarships for women and spend time serving alongside these students and other leaders who are working for the flourishing of their communities. 

We love what happens when we empower each other to learn, grow and see the world differently. The beauty of Africa will bring you here, but the beautiful friendships you develop will keep you coming back.

We already know some of the amazing people you'll meet and the life-changing adventures ahead of you. We'll be there to welcome you when you arrive, and together we'll have a journey to remember.

Our Mission

To connect women leaders across continents through transformative voluntourism experiences