(January 19 - 20 2019) Miles on the Nile #1

The eucalyptus and mist laden air settled over us as the Miles on the Nile team gathered on the terrace

of the Cassia Lodge with its spectacular view overlooking the city of Kampala and Lake Victoria. This was

our first evening with all 16 of us together.

Later as the evening settled in and I was falling asleep, we could hear the music of a nearby family

gathering, singing and dancing the birthday celebration of their elderly grandfather. Africa excels at

celebration. And then Sunday morning dawned with worship music wafting up from numerous churches

in the city below as congregations gathered to praise the King. Africa excels at worship.

Later on Sunday, Jon Blanc, our Hemmingway-esque travel planner said, “Travel and safaris must always

be inner as well as outer journeys -- or they are incomplete.

We set out on this 10 day journey as seekers looking for the outer awe of raw beauty and creation’s

excess, and also the inner journey of our souls. We will not return unchanged.