(January 21, 2019) Miles on the Nile #2

This morning began with a little chaos as resident monkeys waited around the porch where we were

having breakfast, looking for a chance to steal our food. Ruth turned for a moment and a monkey

grabbed her banana off her plate and ran the length of the porch table, victoriously waving his banana.

Screaming and jumping to no avail, the banana was gone.

We left the Nile River Resort on foot, to trek for about 2 hours to the source of the Nile. Some of our

journey was along the waters edge, some through small villages with happy children waving us on, along

railroad tracks and under bridges. We arrived at last to the place where Speake and Livingstone first

told the world that they had found the source of the Nile. We boarded a boat and had a cruise on Lake

Victoria, ending at the Sailing Club for a delightful lunch. Some took the Jeeps and some walked back to

our Lodge, to swim, relax and even …. Write a blog!