International Women's Day 2018


By Lois Shaw, Executive Director

On this 2018 International Women's Day, Africa By Design Safaris happens to be hosting a "can do" group of women from Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada. Each of the women are professional educators, spanning the field from early childhood up to the college level. They're here with a mission: to encourage and empower Kenyan women and girls to reach their goals and overcome obstacles.   

I love this group. They listen, and they come prepared to help, but not overtake. They're meeting with Kenyan women professionals and seeking to understand how best to be useful.

Holly, Jeannine, Carey, Gabby, Sheree and Marg have been planning, fundraising and mobilizing friends and colleagues in "The Sault" for over a year. This city of approximately 75,000 in northern Ontario has embraced the buzz these women have generated with their organization called Tumaini Afrika.

The women have collaborated with County Girls Caucus, an African organization that works with high school girls to coach them in setting goals, making wise decisions and writing personal mission statements. They also presented "Days for Girls," a program to help girls make reusable sanitary supplies so they don't miss days of school each month during their periods. They've raised money to provide goats as a kickstart for girls' financial independence. These women have worked in schools, taught educators and children and advocated for teachers in a small informal settlement school.

It has been a joy to watch these women who chose to give so much to girls and women in Kenya when they could have chosen to sit on a beach or go on a cruise for their vacation. They're role models for me. You can follow their adventures here.

Have an abundant day!