The Ship Called Tetra Chromacy

By Lois Shaw, Executive Director

Happy New Year!

Well, that ship has sailed!

It’s two weeks out on the 2015 voyage and I am still hauling on thoughts and putting resolving ideas into piles on the deck. Epiphany drifted past a few days back and days are lapping against my craft as I shuffle my deck chairs. I must hoist the sails.

I’ve hit a few sand bars in the last couple of weeks, including jet lag,  packing and unpacking. More delightfully, I’ve happened upon the islands of grandsons and families. Those ports are hard to leave!

So here I am again, adrift, but nearing focus. A degree or two off True North. Looking for that Eternal, inextricable gravitational pull that keeps me wide eyed and opened eared to everything I am to see and hear. My fist sometimes bangs my forehead as I admit the lack of capacity that will keep me from seeing more of everything spectacular around me on my 2015 voyage.

Just heard a conversation on the BBC about Tetra Chromacy – the unique ability of some people to see so many more colors and hues vividly – a color spectrum far beyond those of the rest of us. I long for that in my spiritual voyage; and then I am reminded that the longing is what makes me alive and keeps me on the journey.

This will be a year with Work, Play, Love as my log book. I want to be a Chromatist as I sail again and again through its pages – seeking “life abundant” for those with whom I travel, and for this year of 2015. I am thankful for this book that deals with such deep and majestic truth in such an incredible lightness of style. It keeps me coming back.

A musing voyager,